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Definition of recompense:

  1. An equivalent returned for anything done, suffered, or given; compensation; requital; suitable return.
  2. To give in return; to pay back; to pay, as something earned or deserved.
  3. To give recompense; to make amends or requital.
  4. To render an equivalent to, for service, loss, etc.; to requite; to remunerate; to compensate.
  5. To return an equivalent for; to give compensation for; to atone for; to pay for.


payment, consideration, restore, bear the cost/expense etc., fund, counterbalance, amend, indemnification, revive, invest in, even out, pay out, allowance, resort, compensate, payback, doctor, make up, restitution, repair, reward, advance, reward, remediate, reprisal, bushel, touch on, put up, vivify, revivify, requital, finance, premium, even up, compensation, remittance, earnings, honorarium, wages, remunerate, gratuity, down payment, cover, recreate, even off, contribution, damages, spend, hire, satisfaction, salary, quicken, renovate, stipend, deposit, disburse, reparation, fee, settlement, repayment, furbish up, right, requite, fix, pay off, quittance, remuneration, animate, recoupment, indemnify, repay, mend, reanimate, indemnity, pay, overcompensate.

Usage examples: