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Definition of recover:

  1. Recovery.
  2. To cover again.
  3. To gain as a compensation; to obtain in return for injury or debt; as, to recover damages in trespass; to recover debt and costs in a suit at law; to obtain title to by judgement in a court of law; as, to recover lands in ejectment or common recovery; to gain by legal process; as, to recover judgement against a defendant.
  4. To gain by motion or effort; to obtain; to reach; to come to.
  5. To get or obtain again; to get renewed possession of; to win back; to regain.
  6. To make good by reparation; to make up for; to retrieve; to repair the loss or injury of; as, to recover lost time.
  7. To make one's way; to come; to arrive.
  8. To obtain a judgement; to succeed in a lawsuit; as, the plaintiff has recovered in his suit.
  9. To overcome; to get the better of, - as a state of mind or body.
  10. To regain health after sickness; to grow well; to be restored or cured; hence, to regain a former state or condition after misfortune, alarm, etc.; - often followed by of or from; as, to recover from a state of poverty; to recover from fright.
  11. To rescue; to deliver.
  12. To restore from sickness, faintness, or the like; to bring back to life or health; to cure; to heal.


regenerate, catch up, crown, die, fight off, regain, withhold, obtain, repossess, receive, produce, nurse, rectify, strengthen, retake, revive, date from, pull through, snap back, recapture, notice, reach, get over, get back, re-collect, respond, happen, get, chance, ease off, feel, be cured _or_ healed, observe, fail, claim back, come a long way, mend, reclaim, see, discover, encounter, snap out of it, perk up, help, incur, wrap, appropriate, reanimate, ascertain, recuperate, change for the better/worse, think, recruit, deduct, gain, call back, retrieve, bounce, line up, salvage, recoverable, shake, domesticate, pull round, domesticise, monetize, remember, earn, top, come around, call up, sharpen, better, grow, determine, smother, date back, recoup, cover, increase, health, come back, improve, witness, insulate, detect, come to, get through, rule, survive, find oneself, rescue, reestablish, cure, domesticize, overcome, bump, tame, resume, reacquire, recur, be restored, jump, pick up, bury, recall, win back, cash in, seize, heal, recollect, lose, come up, relapse, profit, reimburse, find out, convalesce, blanket, redeem, rebound, reform, find, look up, get hold, go back, realize, coat, make up for, collect.

Usage examples: