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Definition of recreate:

  1. To give fresh life to; to reanimate; to revive; especially, to refresh after wearying toil or anxiety; to relieve; to cheer; to divert; to amuse; to gratify.
  2. To take recreation.


indemnify, rejuvenate, freshen up, frolic, beguile, furbish up, toy, restitute, diddle, wager, animise, exalt, refresh, fiddle, inspire, cheer up, roleplay, urge, remediate, skylark, revivify, freshen, gratify, rekindle, reanimate, encounter, revitalize, meet, speed, exhort, refreshen, compensate, delight, embolden, resort, trifle, disport, divert, spiel, jolly along, enliven, renovate, jump-start, amuse, regale, vivify, restore, liven, amend, sport, refurbish, interest, resuscitate, rectify, act, fix, resurrect, repair, doctor, please, relaunch, whet, invigorate, mend, dally, represent, come to, entertain, hearten, run, root on, bushel, playact, accelerate, chirk up, remedy, regenerate, bring, touch on, act as, recompense, flirt, liven up, rollick, work, animate, urge on, barrack, take on, recharge, jolly up, speed up, remake, bet, make for, play, occupy, excite, wreak, pep up, cheer, animize, reactivate, quicken, revive.

Usage examples: