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Definition of redundancy:

  1. Surplusage inserted in a pleading which may be rejected by the court without impairing the validity of what remains.
  2. That which is redundant or in excess; anything superfluous or superabundant.
  3. The quality or state of being redundant; superfluity; superabundance; excess.


surplusage, excess, animatronics, bellyful, wordage, overplus, redundance, words, plus, lay off, pleonasm, surfeit, plethora, discharge, long-windedness, verbalism, oversupply, verbosity, pay off, appropriate technology, garrulity, fat, fire, periphrasis, dismiss, dismissal, unnecessary, high tech, dispensable, diffuseness, fifth-generation, pension off, circumlocution, uninvited, logorrhea, overage, overmuch, cybernetics, give someone notice, bleeding edge, ease out, verbiage, overflow, diffusion, unwanted, repetition, garrulousness, wordiness, prolixity, windiness, excess, tediousness, superfluity, retire, intermediate technology, tautology, pink slip, unasked for, unsolicited, nanotechnology, ax, furlough, high technology, style, verboseness, unlooked-for, redundant.

Usage examples: