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Definition of reek:

  1. A rick.
  2. To emit vapor, usually that which is warm and moist; to be full of fumes; to steam; to smoke; to exhale.
  3. Vapor; steam; smoke; fume.


fume, alarm, fumigate, exude, smell to high heaven, perfume, murk, smell/stink to high heaven, smoke, scent, soup, malodour, brume, disturb, mephitis, fetor, foetor, peck, bother, genus Mephitis, stench, funk, mist, fog, smog, malodor, gauze, distress, frighten, smells, stink, worry, thwack, smell out, tear apart, smack, sense, weigh on, smell up, concern, unsettle, stink up, taste.

Usage examples: