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Definition of refine:

  1. To affect nicety or subtilty in thought or language.
  2. To become pure; to be cleared of feculent matter.
  3. To improve in accuracy, delicacy, or excellence.
  4. To purify from what is gross, coarse, vulgar, inelegant, low, and the like; to make elegant or exellent; to polish; as, to refine the manners, the language, the style, the taste, the intellect, or the moral feelings.
  5. To reduce to a fine, unmixed, or pure state; to free from impurities; to free from dross or alloy; to separate from extraneous matter; to purify; to defecate; as, to refine gold or silver; to refine iron; to refine wine or sugar.


down, rarefy, lift, castigate, optimization, right, subdue, amend, flesh out, discipline, pour down, remedy, tweak, graduate, bolt down, kill, remediate, expatiate, clean, shine, help, exposit, reform, expound, soften, toss off, civilize, smoothen, complicate, fine-tune, pulp, elaborate, calibrate, hone, chastise, sharpen, punish, ameliorate, treat, push down, cut down, round, pull down, boost, rectify, perfect, lucubrate, strain, drink down, chasten, consume, revitalize, pop, enlarge, polish up, shoot down, reclaim, cultivate, knock down, belt down, expand, devour, tan, perplex, improve on, meliorate, weatherize, go through, smooth, regenerate, humble, dilate, work out, try, land, afflict, polish, repair, brush up, round off, rarify.

Usage examples: