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Definition of regress:

  1. The act of passing back; passage back; return; retrogression. The progress or regress of man.
  2. The power or liberty of passing back.
  3. To go back; to return to a former place or state.


lapsing, generate, drive off, reelect, devolve, deliver, retroversion, recall, relapse, fall back, fall, fixation, elapse, drive away, resort, simple regression, reverting, atavism, chase away, turn back, lose, arrested development, retroflection, bring back, repay, regression, retroflexion, hark back, double back, dispel, retrogression, check, retrograde, reasoning backward, retort, relapsing, lag, infantile fixation, glide by, revert, drop off, fall behind, retrogress, regression toward the mean, statistical regression, slip by, slide by, reversal, go by, better, hash over, throwback, turnabout, lapse, hold back, run off, degeneration, return, backsliding, rehash, yield, come back, drive out, go along, dawdle, reversion, take back, give back, stop, pass, backtrack, refund, retrovert, repetition, give, turnaround, recidivate, rejoin, slip away, arrest, render, invert, contain, riposte.

Usage examples: