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Definition of reinstate:

  1. To place again in possession, or in a former state; to restore to a state from which one had been removed; to instate again; as, to reinstate a king in the possession of the kingdom.


put back, engage, furbish up, come back to, repeat, reelect, reestablish, bring back, hire, renew, rebuild, sign on, repair, continue, bushel, restore, return, fix, reappoint, keep, touch on, take on, retry, redeem, reconstruct, revive, replay, replace, retain, confirm, recruit, put in power again, reclaim, help, doctor, resume, reintroduce, give back, rehire, rehabilitate, renovate, mend, reinvest, appoint, employ, regenerate, rejuvenate, recondition, rerun, reproduce, sign, restitute, increase, reclassify.

Usage examples: