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Definition of rejoin:

  1. To answer to a reply.
  2. To answer, as the defendant to the plaintiff's replication.
  3. To come, or go, again into the presence of; to join the company of again.
  4. To join again; to unite after separation.
  5. To state in reply; - followed by an object clause.


retort, tie, baton, bring back, admit, revert, pin, requite, yield, render, repay, regress, go over to, answer, generate, land, write back, attach, fall, fasten, dead heat, from, recall, false start, secure, inaugurate, pass, co-opt, clock, accept, respond, hark back, give, come back, turn back, entrance, fix, clip, join, get in, drop back, arrive, ahead, belong to, reach, devolve, reward, take back, admission, counter, riposte, dash, come in, screw, talk back, appear, reply, get, return, reelect, ask, come, deliver, retrovert, pay back, connect, dues, the blocks, draw in, answer back, enter, give back, refund.

Usage examples: