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Definition of remarkable:

  1. Worthy of being remarked or noticed; noticeable; conspicuous; hence, uncommon; extraordinary.


queerish, mentionable, funny, rummy, erratic, emphatic, signal, rum, observable, bold, kenspeckle, kooky, infrequent, funky, unique, important, weirdo, bodacious, commanding, standout, quirky, bizarro, wacky, citable, uncommon, noticeable, way-out, offbeat, flamboyant, far-out, see, cranky, pointed, eye-catching, unparalleled, splashy, queer, precious, odd, out of sight, incomparable, kinky, salient, screwy, amazing, singular, noteworthy, weird, off-the-wall, towering, out-of-the-way, staggering, surprising, conspicuous, outré, extraordinary, eccentric, better, brilliant, showy, arresting, crazy, grabby, off-kilter, dramatic, magnificent, earth-shattering, noisy, astonishing, rare, catchy, scarce, awesome, usual, nameable, unexpected, marked, spaced-out, significant, bizarre, strange, quaint, curious, wild.

Usage examples: