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Definition of remission:

  1. A temporary and incomplete subsidence of the force or violence of a disease or of pain, as destinguished from intermission, in which the disease completely leaves the patient for a time; abatement.
  2. Act of sending in payment, as money; remittance.
  3. Diminution of intensity; abatement; relaxation.
  4. Discharge from that which is due; relinquishment of a claim, right, or obligation; pardon of transgression; release from forfeiture, penalty, debt, etc.
  5. The act of remitting, surrendering, resigning, or giving up.
  6. The act of sending back.


remittance, bad debt, release, settling, respond, delay, bail out, escapee, home loan, forbearance, debt, absolution, strengthen, oblivion, debit, acquittal, bail, breakout, shake, liability, due, pause, amnesty, remitment, nurse, bill, arrears, condonation, free, remission of sin, survive, discharge, relief, subsidence, pull through, ebb, letup, mercy, pardon, subsiding, slackening, escaped, lull, break, heal, forgiveness, increase, recover, excuse, bust out, balance, abatement, break out, reduction, wane, cave in, fight off, remittal, respite, lessening, borrowings, revive, remit.

Usage examples: