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Definition of remonstrate:

  1. To point out; to show clearly; to make plain or manifest; hence, to prove; to demonstrate.
  2. To present and urge reasons in opposition to an act, measure, or any course of proceedings; to expostulate; as, to remonstrate with a person regarding his habits; to remonstrate against proposed taxation.


evoke, murmur, tantalise, bedevil, chide, claver, claver, comment, confabulate, cane, arouse, chatter, visit, devil, gossip, manducate, bait, tease, tantalize, challenge, call attention, conjure, get to, beat out, bring up, jaw, growl, signalize, rebuke, take exception, chew the fat, gravel, underdress, ride, rattle on, raise, support, strap, grumble, invoke, beat, bawl out, frustrate, chit-chat, vex, chew out, kick, yack away, bother, take to task, stir, censure, talk, except, confab, call on the carpet, demur, chafe, vanquish, crucify, chew, flog, yap away, cod, notice, reproof, slash, welt, grouch, criminate, find fault, trounce, repine, set up a squawk, put forward, inveigh, nettle, protest, conjure up, scold, chew up, squawk, point out, razz, natter, lash, chitchat, rally, taunt, dun, grunt, remark, lambast, twit, expostulate, annoy, torment, call forth, complain, lambaste, dress down, signalise, rile, get at, have words, irritate, berate, yack, chaffer, croak, shell, lather, whip, nark, shoot the breeze, lecture, reprimand, call down, crush, chat, object, masticate, rag.

Usage examples: