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Definition of remorseless:

  1. Being without remorse; having no pity; hence, destitute of sensibility; cruel; insensible to distress; merciless.


yielding, forbidding, inhuman, relentless, stubborn, forgiving, adamant, stern, insensitive, unbendable, inexorable, unbending, unkind, harsh, unchristian, inflexible, harsh, tough, indurate, adamant, brassbound, die-hard, regret, avaricious, greedy, exacting, shameless, uncompliant, sorry, intolerant, hard, rigid, intransigent, inflexible, unfeeling, barbarous, implacable, sour, tyrannical, kind, inexorable, incompliant, grim, unpitying, indulgent, grim, hard-bitten, unyielding, severe, remorseful, obdurate, merciless, cruel, savage, implacable, resist, fierce, intractable, iron, adamantine, rigorous, murderous, unrelenting, perverse, vindictive, pitiless, bloody, bitter, unmerciful, unregenerate, uncompromising, unforgiving, ruthless, strict, unyielding, unrelenting.

Usage examples: