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Definition of rendering:

  1. A version; translation; as, the rendering of the Hebrew text.
  2. In art, the presentation, expression, or interpretation of an idea, theme, or part.
  3. of Render
  4. The act of laying the first coat of plaster on brickwork or stonework.
  5. The act of one who renders, or that which is rendered.
  6. The coat of plaster thus laid on.
  7. The process of trying out or extracting lard, tallow, etc., from animal fat.


rendition, version, board, commentary, cement, portraiture, vignette, anglophone, boarding, performance, adaptation, off-screen, fidelity, Restatement, fluency, false beginner, explanation, bilingual, delineation, exposition, displacement, Anglo, edition, words, translation, interpreting, reading, caulk, bitumen, interpretative, communicative competence, brownstone, transformation, bankable, guest, interpretive, comment, variation, live, paraphrase, evergreen, definition, aggregate, brick, interpretation, fluent, debut, performing arts, encode, code switching, Interlingual Rendition, variant, execution, asbestos, realization, description, adobe, all-star.

Usage examples: