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Definition of renounce:

  1. Act of renouncing.
  2. To cast off or reject deliberately; to disown; to dismiss; to forswear.
  3. To declare against; to reject or decline formally; to refuse to own or acknowledge as belonging to one; to disclaim; as, to renounce a title to land or to a throne.
  4. To decline formally, as an executor or a person entitled to letters of administration, to take out probate or letters.
  5. To disclaim having a card of ( the suit led) by playing a card of another suit.
  6. To make renunciation.


let go of, take leave, step down, renege, repeal, render, adapt, revoke, drop out, change your mind, withdraw from, step aside, spare, depart from, free, disacknowledge, cede, leave office, chuck up the sponge, reconcile, stop, take back, move with the times, keep, drop by the wayside, see reason/sense, recant, yield, forswear, annul, quit, repudiate, relinquish, throw overboard, forfeit, move on, empty, backpedal, give up, vacate, throw in, resign, allow, revise, hand over, lay off, submit, quitclaim, lift, unsay, retire from, deliver, convert, demit, throw in the towel, dispense with, abjure, depart, rescind, foreswear, countermand, sacrifice, disinherit, forego, fall by the wayside, cast off, chuck in, kick.

Usage examples: