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Definition of renovate:

  1. To make over again; to restore to freshness or vigor; to renew.


inspire, patch, speed, doctor, rebuild, animate, whet, quicken, remedy, animize, refreshen, exalt, furbish, come to, refresh, accelerate, touch on, renew, reconstruct, resurrect, remediate, refurbish, amend, hearten, heel, recompense, liven up, renew, reanimate, freshen, new, enliven, speed up, invigorate, maintain, restitute, do up, cheer, compensate, embolden, reinstate, freshen up, recreate, fix up, revivify, bushel, vivify, help, revamp, study at renew, play, liven, give a face lift, resuscitate, re-create, animise, revive, indemnify, repair, resort, rectify, reclaim, furbish up.

Usage examples: