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Definition of repay:

  1. To make return or requital for; to recompense; - in a good or bad sense; as, to repay kindness; to repay an injury.
  2. To pay anew, or a second time, as a debt.
  3. To pay back; to refund; as, to repay money borrowed or advanced.


reinforce, honour, get even with, honor, settle up, wreak, pass, retrovert, recompense, gross, give back, draw, satisfy, take back, money, restitute, requite, make amends, revert, generate, forgiveness, indemnify, devolve, reelect, recall, return, pay back, give, vindicate, hark back, riposte, bring in, bring back, reward, gain, refund, settle with, earn, turn back, realize, yield, come back, retort, deliver, regress, punish, pay off, net, quit, produce, get, fix, render, clear, fall, rejoin.

Usage examples: