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Definition of repellent:

  1. A kind of waterproof cloth.
  2. A remedy to repel from a tumefied part the fluids which render it tumid.
  3. Driving back; able or tending to repel.
  4. That which repels.


rancid, mischievous, horrible, shocking, fulsome, fouled, flyswatter, severe, citronella, wicked, implike, marked-up, impish, horrendous, unsavoury, loathsome, distasteful, arch, dirty, like, resistive, appalling, unsportsmanlike, cruddy, unsavory, camphor, disgustful, obnoxious, gross, funky, flypaper, dreadful, DDT, detestable, unsporting, tolerant, queasy, prankish, nauseous, horrid, immune, insubordinate, dip, smelly, rebarbative, offensive, nonabsorbent, disgusting, noxious, pain, obscene, resistant, revolting, yucky, pixilated, loathly, foul-smelling, fungicide, awful, smutty, unpleasant, fetid, ill-scented, noisome, foetid, germicide, repelling, nauseating, repellant, scandalous, cheating, sickening, fungicidal, unwholesome, nasty, skanky, bomb, stinking, nonabsorptive, afoul, unholy, puckish, filthy, foul.

Usage examples: