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Definition of replete:

  1. Filled again; completely filled; full; charged; abounding.
  2. To fill completely, or to satiety.


lardy, jammed, sufficient, gourmandize, tubby, lousy, chockablock, someone's eyes are bigger than their stomach, big, fraught, meet, corpulent, portly, take, abounding, gross, fleshy, roly-poly, piggy, pudgy, chubby, packed, complete, overflowing, nourished, stuffed, satiated, bountiful, luxuriant, enough, podgy, pig out, sate, exuberant, fill, lavish, englut, dense, rife, chockablock, unquenchable, crowded, liberal, scarf out, ample, overeat, overgorge, gorge, bounteous, plump, rotund, busy, voracious, full, stuff, glut, alive, large, cramped, ingurgitate, engorge, occupy, plentiful, satiate, gluttonous, gormandize, fill up, generous, bulging, plenteous, bursting, gormandise, profuse, overindulge, light, greedy, overweight, awash, abundant, adequate, thronging, copious, affluent, blubbery, rich, round, make full, obese, sated, surfeited, binge, teeming, brimful, swarming, congested, thick, brimming, fulfill, satisfy, fulfil, flush.

Usage examples: