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Definition of reply:

  1. Figuratively, to do something in return for something done; as, to reply to a signal; to reply to the fire of a battery.
  2. That which is said, written, or done in answer to what is said, written, or done by another; an answer; a response.
  3. To answer a defendant's plea.
  4. To make a return in words or writing; to respond; to answer.
  5. To return for an answer.


resolution, suffice, solvent, pounce, resolve, reception, response, welcome, receive, greet, turn around and do something, outcry, solution, come over, result, take, write back, pick up on, talk back, serve, ask, do, stand up, rejoin, interplay, reflex, outburst, repartee, answer back, cry, answer, respond.

Usage examples: