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Definition of repugnant:

  1. Disposed to fight against; hostile; at war with; being at variance; contrary; inconsistent; refractory; disobedient; also, distasteful in a high degree; offensive; -- usually followed by to, rarely and less properly by with; as, all rudeness was repugnant to her nature.


inimical, infamous, filthy, disagreeing, good, detestable, antagonistic, awful, incompatible, horrendous, noxious, distasteful, different, inconsistent, conflicting, irreconcilable, unsuitable, inapposite, despisable, repulsive, inconsonant, inappropriate, shocking, incommensurable, alien, antipathetic, mean, agreeable, hostile, opposing, shabby, opposed, contrary, obnoxious, discrepant, vile, raunchy, appalling, agree, salacious, execrable, obscene, rancid, despicable, contemptible, rotten, mismated, low, horrible, discordant, dreadful, lousy, noisome, horrid, nauseous, adverse, scandalous, nasty, lewd, clashing, ill-matched, fulsome, wretched, nauseating, disgusting, mutually exclusive, incongruent, incongruous, against, sickening, inharmonious, gross, harmonious, counter, mismatched, absurd, opposite, abhorrent, contradictory, offensive, unfriendly.

Usage examples: