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Definition of repulse:

  1. Figuratively: Refusal; denial; rejection; failure.
  2. The act of repelling or driving back; also, the state of being repelled or driven back.
  3. To repel by discourtesy, coldness, or denial; to reject; to send away; as, to repulse a suitor or a proffer.
  4. To repel; to beat or drive back; as, to repulse an assault; to repulse the enemy.


push, snub, aim, beat back, drive, gross out, allow, drive back, revolt, motor, cut, ward off, defeat, tug, labor, cold shoulder, ride, ram, propel, compel, setback, disgust, force, refusal, keep off, take, get, fight off, impel, parry, rebuff, repel, strike, force back, urge on, labour, slight, push back, beat off, thrust.

Usage examples: