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Definition of rescind:

  1. Specifically, to vacate or make void, as an act, by the enacting authority or by superior authority; to repeal; as, to rescind a law, a resolution, or a vote; to rescind a decree or a judgment.
  2. To cut off; to abrogate; to annul.


hook, obliterate, quash, cancel, tip over, snarf, expunge, get up, elevate, knock over, cabbage, scratch out, blot out, wind, arise, renounce, recall, nobble, invert, change by reversal, go up, overrule, law, invalidate, turn back, revolutionise, annul, filch, lift, abrogate, overthrow, remove, study at abolish, erase, revolutionize, pinch, rub off _or_ out, reverse, repeal, plagiarize, upset, bring down, rustle, empty, pilfer, nullify, abstract, turn over, avoid, vacate, rise, swipe, resign, revoke, efface, come up, cross off _or_ out, airlift, raise, override, move up, countermand, rear, bring up, void, plagiarise, turn, abandon, continue, tump over, make, abolish, bowl over, give up, discharge, subvert, face-lift, sneak, uprise, overturn, purloin, hoist, make void.

Usage examples: