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Definition of resentment:

  1. In a bad sense, strong displeasure; anger; hostility provoked by a wrong or injury experienced.
  2. In a good sense, satisfaction; gratitude.
  3. The act of resenting.
  4. The state of holding something in the mind as a subject of contemplation, or of being inclined to reflect upon something; a state of consciousness; conviction; feeling; impression.


pain, peevishness, crust, bitterness, ill will, jealousy, thorniness, displeasure, fury, embitterment, grudge, huff, pettishness, freshness, like, resentfulness, fretfulness, feelings, virulency, rancor, rage, gall, choler, ruffled feathers, impertinence, impatience, jaundice, miff, animus, cheekiness, hate, rancour, dudgeon, rankling, outrage, saddle sore, temper, tartness, acrimony, passion, anger, impudence, hurt, rancorousness, bitter, insolence.

Usage examples: