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Definition of resigned:

  1. of Resign
  2. Submissive; yielding; not disposed to resist or murmur.


acquiescent, nonresistant, ready, acquiescent, quiet, renouncing, passive, adjusted, long-suffering, uncomplaining, easily managed, tolerant, amenable, calm, unresisting, satisfied, nonresisting, quiescent, agreeable, like a lamb (to the slaughter), reconciled, pliant, tolerating, patient, forbearing, passive, gentle, stoical, relinquishing, uncritical, philosophical, subservient, abject, patient, unassertive, long-suffering, biddable, tractable, compliant, yielding, deferential, docile, obedient, hopeless, accommodated, submissive, resist, well-disposed, accept, willing, pliable, unresistant, adapted, tame, unhopeful, manageable.

Usage examples: