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Definition of resist:

  1. A substance applied to a surface, as of metal, to prevent the action on it of acid or other chemical agent.
  2. A substance used to prevent a color or mordant from fixing on those parts to which it has been applied, either by acting machanically in preventing the color, etc., from reaching the cloth, or chemically in changing the color so as to render it incapable of fixing itself in the fibers.. The pastes prepared for this purpose are called resist pastes.
  3. Something that resists or prevents a certain action;
  4. To be distasteful to.
  5. To counteract, as a force, by inertia or reaction.
  6. To make opposition.
  7. To stand against; to withstand; to obstruct.
  8. To strive against; to endeavor to counteract, defeat, or frustrate; to act in opposition to; to oppose.


place upright, ride, stretch out, eliminate, jib, defy, hold up, last, gybe, push, drive, baulk, differ, maintain, decline, thrust, traverse, reject, propel, endure, live on, scorn, buck, pooh-pooh, stand, turn away, obtain, jibe, persist, brook, spurn, take issue, combat, hold firm, turn down, stand up, winnow out, submit, stand up to, stomach, continue, disapprove, balk, hold, stand pat, remain firm, change course, stand firm, deny, yield, urge on, hold out, tolerate, weather, go, exsert, extend, compel, suffer, rule out, put up, persevere, survive, disdain, hold off, stick out, refuse, abide, fight back, protest, contest, bear, digest, live, freeze off, fend, impel, dissent, withstand, remain, stretch forth, pass up, put out.

Usage examples: