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Definition of resolute:

  1. Convinced; satisfied; sure.
  2. Having a decided purpose; determined; resolved; fixed in a determination; hence, bold; firm; steady.
  3. One who is resolute; hence, a desperado.
  4. Redelivery; repayment.
  5. Resolving, or explaining; as, the Doctor Durand.


intent on, set upon, unchanging, opinionated, resolved, competitive, intractable, out, purposeful, purpose, unsteady, undismayed, decisive, die-hard, unfaltering, hell-bent, ambitious, inveterate, steadfast, heady, independent, undaunted, Spartan, settled, self-reliant, bound, bent on, steady, motivated, sedulous, undeterred, dead set, driven, out to, immovable, unbendable, bent, adamantine, fixed, immutable, contumacious, unhesitating, irreconcilable, unwavering, undiscouraged, determined, firm, unconquerable, vacillating, unshakable, intransigent, established, foursquare, desperate, stalwart, single-minded, refractory, decide, unshaken, stout, do-or-die.

Usage examples: