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Definition of resound:

  1. Return of sound; echo.
  2. To be echoed; to be sent back, as sound.
  3. To be filled with sound; to ring; as, the woods resound with song.
  4. To be mentioned much and loudly.
  5. To echo or reverberate; to be resonant; as, the earth resounded with his praise.
  6. To praise or celebrate with the voice, or the sound of instruments; to extol with sounds; to spread the fame of.
  7. To sound loudly; as, his voice resounded far.
  8. To throw back, or return, the sound of; to echo; to reverberate.


laud, emblazon, resile, extol, rebound, surround, noise, bound, carol, buzz, ring, glorify, border, telephone, echo, rumble, band, ricochet, skirt, recoil, knell, recall, environ, peal, hymn, celebrate, take a hop, reverberate, grumble, purr, spring, sounds, repeat, roar, murmur, hum, bounce, make noise, pulsate, sound, bless, call up, magnify, reflect, call, reecho, phone, exalt.

Usage examples: