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Definition of respond:

  1. A half pier or pillar attached to a wall to support an arch.
  2. A short anthem sung at intervals during the reading of a chapter.
  3. An answer; a response.
  4. To answer; to reply.
  5. To render satisfaction; to be answerable; as, the defendant is held to respond in damages.
  6. To say somethin in return; to answer; to reply; as, to respond to a question or an argument.
  7. To show some effect in return to a force; to act in response; to accord; to correspond; to suit.
  8. To suit or accord with; to correspond to.


come over, riposte, rejoin, action, answer back, shake, stand up, fight off, talk back, pull through, survive, receive, greeting, revive, do, nurse, pick up on, meet, recover, pounce, suffice, resolve, strengthen, feelings, heal, greet, turn around and do something, serve, ask.

Usage examples: