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Definition of restrict:

  1. Restricted.
  2. To restrain within bounds; to limit; to confine; as, to restrict worlds to a particular meaning; to restrict a patient to a certain diet.


jump, stamp down, clip, surround, condition, take a hop, intimidate, qualify, set, hold, dispose, curtail, subdue, restrain, limit, contract, temper, oblige, flash back, strangulate, leap, snip, dress, confine, conquer, throttle, trim back, trap, decrease, ensnare, fix, reduce, stipulate, increase, enclose, hold in, cut down, reverberate, resile, measure up, specify, engage, modify, define, contain, compel, characterise, delimit, trammel, crop, cut, hold back, keep back, trim down, prune, shorten, spring, regulate, cut back, bound, keep, secure, fasten, assign, snare, shut in, limited, encircle, rebound, cumber, tie, determine, cut short, extend, bounce, characterize, recoil, strangle, demarcate, lop, moderate, ricochet, trim, circumscribe, diminish, bring down, narrow.

Usage examples: