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Definition of resurrect:

  1. To reanimate; to restore to life; to bring to view ( that which was forgotten or lost).
  2. To take from the grave; to disinter.


grow, surface, ascend, recruit, conjure, promote, bristle, heighten, invoke, move up, revivify, upraise, put up, evoke, rise, fire, enkindle, renovate, stand up, recreate, originate, conjure up, put forward, erect, enhance, awareness, mount, upgrade, leaven, farm, animate, set up, develop, vivify, uprise, arouse, nurture, call forth, jump, climb up, levy, reactivate, resuscitate, repair, climb, reanimate, get up, elicit, lift, rise up, call down, revitalize, come up, come to, go up, parent, advance, produce, quicken, provoke, stir, bring up, reawaken, kindle, arise, prove, spring up, revive, renew, turn out, elevate, rekindle, rebel, wax, raise, kick upstairs, rear.

Usage examples: