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Definition of resuscitate:

  1. Restored to life.
  2. To come to life again; to revive.
  3. To revivify; to revive; especially, to recover or restore from apparent death; as, to resuscitate a drowned person; to resuscitate withered plants.


rewaken, concern, revitalize, quicken, resurrect, relate, touch on, enrich, animate, cauterize, strike, awareness, enhance, bandage, rewake, anaesthetize, touch, anesthetize, renovate, correct, bleed, repair, regenerate, come to, restore to life, rekindle, refreshen, remedy, improve, reawaken, hit, bring back, vivify, lift, live, bypass, reactivate, pertain, attend, bear on, catheterize, have-to doe with, refer, bring around, improve on, revive, recreate, catch, revivify, optimization, bring around, reanimate, boost.

Usage examples: