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Definition of retire:

  1. A call sounded on a bugle, announcing to skirmishers that they are to retire, or fall back.
  2. The act of retiring, or the state of being retired; also, a place to which one retires.
  3. To cause to retire; specifically, to designate as no longer qualified for active service; to place on the retired list; as, to retire a military or naval officer.
  4. To go back or return; to draw back or away; to keep aloof; to withdraw or retreat, as from observation; to go into privacy; as, to retire to his home; to retire from the world, or from notice.
  5. To go to bed; as, he usually retires early.
  6. To recede; to fall or bend back; as, the shore of the sea retires in bays and gulfs.
  7. To retreat from action or danger; to withdraw for safety or pleasure; as, to retire from battle.
  8. To withdraw from a public station, or from business; as, having made a large fortune, he retired.
  9. To withdraw from circulation, or from the market; to take up and pay; as, to retire bonds; to retire a note.
  10. To withdraw; to take away; - sometimes used reflexively.


move back, anaesthetise, draw off, bonk, split, exsert, turn in, push off, mark, crawfish, disengage, roll in the hay, have a go at it, get away, publish, separate, discommode, smother, pull back, retreat, have intercourse, get laid, call in, hand over, deliver, take out, go to sleep, do it, lose, adjourn, blow, go, eff, part, jazz, back out, put under, anaesthetize, hit the hay, bed, pull away, fork out, stretch forth, continue, keep, call back, incommode, lie with, take off, recall, awareness, screw, strike out, pull in one's horns, seclude, withdraw, shove off, hit the sack, issue, extend, retrograde, hump, secede, get into bed, disoblige, quit, accompany, sack out, release, know, go away, pension off, bother, render, approach, remove, strike off, crawl in, flop, fork up, unsay, sleep with, depart, run, pull out, get off, hold out, scrap, draw back, regress, put on, trouble, fork over, break up, put out, leave, recess, sleep, anesthetize, eliminate, take back, get it on, bang, go to bed, bow out, lie, forward, step down, crash, douse, have it away, take, retract, crawfish out, sequester, swallow, take away, pension, recede, kip down, superannuate, sequestrate, draw, sleep together, join, have sex, cross out, stretch out, fall behind, cross off, back away, make love, have it off, bring out, cut out, be intimate, anesthetise, make out, revoke, fall back, rescind, exit, love, inconvenience, drop off.

Usage examples: