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Definition of retraction:

  1. The act of retracting or shortening; as, the retraction of a severed muscle; the retraction of a sinew.
  2. The act of retracting, or drawing back; the state of being retracted; as, the retraction of a cat's claws.
  3. The act of withdrawing something advanced, stated, claimed, or done; declaration of change of opinion; recantation.
  4. The state or condition of a part when drawn back, or towards the center of the body.


forswearing, rescindment, recantation, stand-down, palinode, disowning, contradiction, reneging, abjuration, about-face, accept, negative, renouncing, gainsaying, backing down, reversal, contraversion, unsaying, recall, disclaimer, quashing, retractation, backpedaling, abrogation, setting aside.

Usage examples: