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Definition of retrieve:

  1. A seeking again; a discovery.
  2. The recovery of game once sprung; - an old sporting term.
  3. To discover and bring in game that has been killed or wounded; as, a dog naturally inclined to retrieve.
  4. To find again; to recover; to regain; to restore from loss or injury; as, to retrieve one's character; to retrieve independence.
  5. To recall; to bring back.
  6. To remedy the evil consequence of, to repair, as a loss or damadge.


discover, think of, call-back, find oneself, lift, be cured _or_ healed, consider, improve, revitalize, study at recover, witness, recover, get back, find out, repossess, bark, save, find, cure, remember, keep (a) watch, win back, mobilize, hark back, believe, watch over, browse, recruit, reanimate, snap, return, withdraw, recall, bay, shield, line up, conceive, correct, defend, restore, reckon, go back, boost, faithful, call up, notice, wag, think back, beg, resume, rally, recoup, get hold, improve on, commemorate, guess, suppose, burn in, recuperate, bring back, call, reclaim, redeem, think, cerebrate, recoverable, enhance, come up, retake, intend, regain, detect, optimization, author, ascertain, come back, shelter, chance, bump, recapture, cogitate, see, feel, howl, stand up for, echo, enrich, access, heal, block, protect, reestablish, archive, re-collect, safeguard, cerebrate, opine, imagine, ring, mean, observe, recollect, remedy, determine, telephone, phone, be restored, encounter, mobilise, bring forward, burn, reacquire, rule, call in, commend, happen, back up, convalesce, slaver, guard.

Usage examples: