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Definition of reveal:

  1. A revealing; a disclosure.
  2. Specifically, to communicate ( that which could not be known or discovered without divine or supernatural instruction or agency).
  3. The side of an opening for a window, doorway, or the like, between the door frame or window frame and the outer surface of the wall; or, where the opening is not filled with a door, etc., the whole thickness of the wall; the jamb.
  4. To lay bare; to lay open to attack, danger, or anything objectionable; to render accessible to anything which may affect, especially detrimentally; to make liable; as, to expose one's self to the heat of the sun, or to cold, insult, danger, or ridicule; to expose an army to destruction or defeat.
  5. To make known ( that which has been concealed or kept secret); to unveil; to disclose; to show.


damp, hear, betray, demote, snitch, fail, let on, erupt, grass, endanger, offend, spread abroad, kick downstairs, wear out, herald, split up, affirm, key out, discontinue, bump, pause, promulgate, enunciate, bring on, develop, give notice, report, notify, interrupt, breach, get word, transgress, break up, recrudesce, emit, notice, stop, break away, come apart, stag, infract, bring out, name, break, shop, disclose, ruin, produce, share, part, get around, state, give away, admit, acknowledge, get out, go bad, dampen, relegate, tell on, check, smash, describe, issue, confide, distinguish, impart, lay bare, set off, get a line, fracture, give way, publish, bankrupt, soften, debunk, split, utter, give, avow, learn, fall upon, separate, break down, get wind, better, break out, spill, see, unbosom, crack, come upon, explain, talk, collapse, uncover, blab, break in, fall in, introduce, bust, attain, light upon, find out, make known, fall apart, strike, display, shit, propound, wear, pick up, divulge, put out, let out, break-dance, discover, inform, burst, happen upon, founder, chance upon, unclothe, key, violate, snap off, weaken, observe, circulate, break off, unveil, concede, intermit, tell, let loose, chance on, unfold, die, evidence, give out, rat, go against, expose, scupper, peril, come across, go, say, denounce, conk out, widen, evince, open up, come out with, cave in, leak.

Usage examples: