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Definition of reversal:

  1. A change or overthrowing; as, the reversal of a judgment, which amounts to an official declaration that it is false; the reversal of an attainder, or of an outlawry, by which the sentence is rendered void.
  2. Intended to reverse; implying reversal.
  3. The act of reversing; the causing to move or face in an opposite direction, or to stand or lie in an inverted position; as, the reversal of a rotating wheel; the reversal of objects by a convex lens.


retroversion, climb, comedown, about turn, shock, puff, ascent, opposite, relapsing, nose candy, retrogression, mouse, turnaround time, verso, blast, flip-flop, revocation, turn around, black eye, volte-face, backset, throwback, knock, continue, beggar, turnround, gust, substitution, descend, reverting, setback, contrary, bump, replacement, relapse, thong, acquire, turnabout, U-turn, change of mind, better, refusal, come out, snow, policy change, backsliding, regress, regression, shiner, repeal, reversion, change, repeal, bankrupt, rescission, cancellation, reverse, blow, reverse gear, lapse, transposition, disestablish, atavism, permutation, heterotaxy, turnaround, switch, law, withdrawal, recall, about-face, coke, lapsing.

Usage examples: