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Definition of revert:

  1. One who, or that which, reverts.
  2. To change back, as from a soluble to an insoluble state or the reverse; thus, phosphoric acid in certain fertilizers reverts.
  3. To change back. See Revert, v. i.
  4. To return to the proprietor after the termination of a particular estate granted by him.
  5. To return, wholly or in part, towards some preexistent form; to take on the traits or characters of an ancestral type.
  6. To return; to come back.
  7. To throw back; to reflect; to reverberate.
  8. To turn back, or to the contrary; to reverse.


generate, dispel, reelect, drive off, hold back, repay, stop, check, deliver, regress, yield, drive out, bring back, retrograde, riposte, repetition, arrest, refund, rejoin, pass, fall back, invert, double back, give back, fall, devolve, retort, take back, retrovert, recur, render, better, recidivate, reoccur, turn back, return, chase away, run off, recrudesce, recur to, backtrack, contain, give, recall, come back, backslide, hark back, drive away.

Usage examples: