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Definition of revive:

  1. Hence, to recover from a state of neglect or disuse; as, to revive letters or learning.
  2. Hence, to recover from a state of oblivion, obscurity, neglect, or depression; as, classical learning revived in the fifteenth century.
  3. To raise from coma, languor, depression, or discouragement; to bring into action after a suspension.
  4. To recover its natural or metallic state, as a metal.
  5. To renew in the mind or memory; to bring to recollection; to recall attention to; to reawaken.
  6. To restore or reduce to its natural or metallic state; as, to revive a metal after calcination.
  7. To restore, or bring again to life; to reanimate.
  8. To return to life; to recover life or strength; to live anew; to become reanimated or reinvigorated.


resurrect, accelerate, freshen up, comfort, suppress, revitalize, arouse, retain, reanimate, console, encourage, amend, awareness, resuscitate, touch on, rejoice, cheer, speed up, bear on, gladden, reawaken, touch, play, compensate, refurbish, pertain, bring around, reactivate, recall, refresh, bushel, refer, die, recompense, furbish up, hit, strike, freshen, have-to doe with, faint, renew, animize, recover, pick up, divert, come to, enkindle, please, keep, uprise, concern, reestablish, flourish, restitute, bethink, recreate, liven up, relieve, regenerate, delight, perk up, awaken, rectify, reminisce, recollect, inspirit, rise, reproduce, come around, doctor, reinstate, rally, think, exalt, animise, whet, soothe, awake, overcome, resort, inspire, revivify, brighten, repair, relate, return, liven, solace, bring to, vivify, indemnify, remediate, exhilarate, raise, wake up, weary, remember, live, embolden, speed, reintroduce, rekindle, upraise, mind, quicken, hearten, increase.

Usage examples: