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Definition of rigorous:

  1. Manifesting, exercising, or favoring rigor; allowing no abatement or mitigation; scrupulously accurate; exact; strict; severe; relentless; as, a rigorous officer of justice; a rigorous execution of law; a rigorous definition or demonstration.
  2. Severe; intense; inclement; as, a rigorous winter.
  3. Violent.


smashed, trying, cockeyed, mean, honest, hard, stringent, backbreaking, tight, crocked, squiffy, exact, heavy, real, nonindulgent, mingy, brutal, taut, slopped, faithful, unyielding, demanding, unkind, sloshed, onerous, rough, unrelenting, true, laborious, soused, cruel, soaked, nasty, fuddled, besotted, veridical, usual, effortful, plastered, close, miserly, dogmatic, blotto, weighty, morose, exigent, hard-and-fast, loaded, sozzled, formidable, burdensome, pixilated, wet, arduous, errorless, blind drunk, strict, veracious, taxing, full, pie-eyed, harsh, unmitigated, stiff, pissed, tough, difficult, compressed, inexorable.

Usage examples: