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Definition of riotous:

  1. Involving, or engaging in, riot; wanton; unrestrained; luxurious.
  2. Partaking of the nature of an unlawful assembly or its acts; seditious.


lucullan, plushy, voluptuary, excessive, unquiet, degraded, rebellious, dissipated, sporting, debased, roily, flying, big, elaborate, roiling, betting, disorderly, debauched, peace, sybaritic, spendthrift, fast, card-playing, lavish, troubled, quick, plush, superabundant, dissolute, high-spirited, excess, firm, voluptuous, luxurious, tumultuous, libertine, profuse, ebullient, epicurean, extravagant, rowdy, disruptive, exuberant, unruly, luxuriant, devalued, profligate, turbulent, lewd, degenerate, prodigal, overweening, abundant, truehearted, opulent, churning, lush, loyal, immoral, succulent, roiled, disorderly, immobile.

Usage examples: