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Definition of rip off:

Synonyms for rip off:

screw, snitch, swiping, stiff, hose, crimes, thimblerig, pluck, ream, con, nip, shaft, swindle, walk off with, cheat, cuckold, swipe, hustle, boost, pilferage, knock over, fiddle, thieve, gaff, gyp, larceny, deceive, sucker, shortchange, stickup, theft, exclusiveness, skin, pinch, heist, purloin, loot, holdup, take off, shake down, stick, victimize, grab, defraud, short, chicane, do in, beat, string along, bilk, sumptuousness, appropriate, skunk, filch, chouse, run away with, plunder, do, help yourself to something, euchre, pocket, double-cross, diddle, chisel, burgle, steal, exorbitance, lift, nick, mulct, nobble, cheat on, armed robbery, entrap, sting, dupe, bleed, wander, misappropriate, squeeze, rook, jockey, burglarize, mug, thievery, snatch, extravagance, rob, betray, snatching, pilfer, flimflam, knock off, hook, trick, cozen.