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Definition of risk:

  1. Hazard of loss; liabillity to loss in property.
  2. Hazard; danger; peril; exposure to loss, injury, or destruction.
  3. To expose to risk, hazard, or peril; to venture; as, to risk goods on board of a ship; to risk one's person in battle; to risk one's fame by a publication.
  4. To incur the risk or danger of; as, to risk a battle.


peril, take a chance, bump, take chances, jeopardy, imperilment, stake, risk of infection, fortune, chance, put on the line, adventure, gamble, hazard, uncertainty, opportunity, danger, luck, speculation, gambling, riskiness, encounter, safety, find, happen, guess, prospect, lay on the line, fortuity, risk of exposure, pretend, run a risk, insecurity, contingency.

Usage examples: