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Definition of risky:

  1. Attended with risk or danger; hazardous.


questioning, adventurous, hairy, defective, raving mad, unwarranted, crazy, dotty, venturesome, endangered, parlous, uncollectible, furious, dangerous, unfit, notional, untamed, unsafe, spoiled, baseless, insecure, unassured, savage, chancy, venturous, angry, fantastic, spoilt, waste, wild, uncivilised, forged, violent, raging, big, tough, equivocal, bad, barbaric, high-risk, barbarian, unfounded, unsound, unsteady, uncivilized, godforsaken, idle, dubious, safety, unsettled, speculative, hazardous, inquisitive, gaga, sorry, regretful, doubtful, wondering, unstable, tempestuous, groundless.

Usage examples: