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Definition of rocky:

  1. Fig.: Not easily impressed or affected; hard; unfeeling; obdurate; as, a rocky bosom.
  2. Full of, or abounding in, rocks; consisting of rocks; as, a rocky mountain; a rocky shore.
  3. Like a rock; as, the rocky orb of a shield.


nervy, under the weather, uncertain, fierce, overstrung, unfeeling, edgy, flint, off-color, rough, unsteady, jagged, harsh, unsmooth, petrified, jumpy, stone, low, restive, bumpy, health, uptight, rasping, chancy, sickly, approximate, grating, rocklike, bouldery, difficult, craggy, gravelly, bouldered, obdurate, crude, uncut, granitic, stony, boisterous, ailing, approximative, pitiless, mean, solid, inflexible, highly strung, jolting, granitelike, wobbly, ragged, indisposed, unstable, jolty, high-strung, raspy, pugnacious, flinty, hard, rugged, scratchy, jittery.

Usage examples: