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Definition of roguery:

  1. Arch tricks; mischievousness.
  2. The life of a vargant.
  3. The practices of a rogue; knavish tricks; cheating; fraud; dishonest practices.


maleficence, jest, caper, wickedness, mischief-making, rag, frolic, whimsicality, knavery, mischief, deception, waggery, dido, wile, antic, gag, trickery, balefulness, naughtiness, devilry, espi├Ęglerie, waggishness, diablerie, puckishness, chicane, good, mischievousness, slipperiness, trick, hob, prankishness, monkeyshine, dishonesty, tomfoolery, badness, shenanigan, deviltry, high jinks, shiftiness, shavie, villainy, capriccio, shine, guile, impishness, chicanery, devilishness, fraud, roguishness, rascality, trickiness, escapade, devilment, practical joke.

Usage examples: