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Definition of rose:

  1. A diamond. See diamond, below.
  2. A flower and shrub of any species of the genus Rosa, of which there are many species, mostly found in the morthern hemispere
  3. A knot of ribbon formed like a rose; a rose knot; a rosette, esp. one worn on a shoe.
  4. A perforated nozzle, as of a pipe, spout, etc., for delivering water in fine jets; a rosehead; also, a strainer at the foot of a pump.
  5. A rose window. See window, below.
  6. imp. of Rise.
  7. of Rise
  8. The card of the mariner's compass; also, a circular card with radiating lines, used in other instruments.
  9. The color of a rose; rose- red; pink.
  10. The erysipelas.
  11. To perfume, as with roses.
  12. To render rose- colored; to redden; to flush.


bluish, rose wine, broom, rosaceous, blackthorn, forsythia, roseate, flushed, azure, champagne, bougainvillea, bubbly, red, rose-colored, Chardonnay, gorse, bristle, the business end, pink, ruddiness, buddleia, edge, flush, baby-blue, avocado, butt, attachment, chromatic, coca, pink wine, claw, Bordeaux, bloom, chuck, Chablis, bit, reddish, burgundy, rosy, cognac, alfalfa, bird of paradise, broomstick, blush, beige, amber, alabaster, Chianti, amethyst, claret, blush wine, rosiness, dawn-tinted, brandy, rosebush, blade.

Usage examples: