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Definition of roundabout:

  1. A dance performed in a circle.
  2. A horizontal wheel or frame, commonly with wooden horses, etc., on which children ride; a merry- go- round.
  3. A short, close jacket worn by boys, sailors, etc.
  4. A state or scene of constant change, or of recurring labor and vicissitude.
  5. Circuitous; going round; indirect; as, roundabout speech.
  6. Encircling; enveloping; comprehensive.


set, roofy, carpool lane, cloverleaf, tautological, round, luggage carousel, teetotum, lap, bend, bike lane, paddling pool, forget me drug, band, devious, circuitous, synchronous converter, tortuous, straight, carrousel, climbing frame, merry-go-round, indirect, lot, circular, traffic circle, circle, twisty, bicycle lane, dress circle, rope, circumlocutionary, connection, camber, playhouse, sandpit, sandbox, rocking horse, whirligig, corner, roach, central reservation, jungle gym, top, rotary converter, anfractuous, shifty, carousel, luggage carrousel, oblique, seesaw, spinning top, monkey bars, rotary, words, repetition, rophy, deviating, zigzag, chicane.

Usage examples: