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Definition of rounded:

  1. Modified by contraction of the lip opening; labialized; labial. See Guide to Pronunciation, 11.
  2. of Round


ovate, ellipsoidal, cycloid, parabolical, circinate, bowfront, combined, parabolic, curvilinear, chunky, ear-shaped, ellipsoid, domed, crescent-shaped, rod-shaped, tongue-shaped, spatulate, amygdaloid, annulate, integrated, oviform, amygdaliform, rotund, annulate, ringed, concentric, semilunar, lingulate, crescent, circular, cohesive, annulated, straight, closed, rodlike, pyknic, oval, oblong, endomorphic, heterogeneous, cylindrical, egg-shaped, balanced, pineal, vasiform, umbrellalike, tube-shaped, spatula-shaped, hyperboloidal, jumbled, lunate, angular, arced, clean, non-circular, terete, bicephalous, eclectic, amygdaloidal, plumlike, asymmetrical, aspheric, cycloidal, fat, auriform, graded, aerodynamic, elliptical, vaulted, ovoid, annular, paraboloidal, complementary, miscellaneous, elliptic, arciform, concave, prolate, tubelike, almond-shaped, ring-shaped, olivelike, aspherical, spheroidal.

Usage examples: