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Definition of ruin:

  1. Such a change of anything as destroys it, or entirely defeats its object, or unfits it for use; destruction; overthrow; as, the ruin of a ship or an army; the ruin of a constitution or a government; the ruin of health or hopes.
  2. That which is fallen down and become worthless from injury or decay; as, his mind is a ruin; especially, in the plural, the remains of a destroyed, dilapidated, or desolate house, fortress, city, or the like.
  3. That which promotes injury, decay, or destruction.
  4. The act of falling or tumbling down; fall.
  5. The state of being dcayed, or of having become ruined or worthless; as, to be in ruins; to go to ruin.
  6. To bring to ruin; to cause to fall to pieces and decay; to make to perish; to bring to destruction; to bring to poverty or bankruptcy; to impair seriously; to damage essentially; to overthrow.
  7. To fall to ruins; to go to ruin; to become decayed or dilapidated; to perish.


fracture, recrudesce, split, decrepitude, maltreat, go bad, bang up, ruins, interrupt, laying waste, aggrieve, destruct, bust, break in, founder, stop, ill-treat, misemploy, downfall, prostitute, wear, fall, burst, ill-use, impair, wrong, discontinue, leftover, check, undoing, disparage, abuse, smash, break away, bring out, impose on _or_ oppress, give out, go against, demolition, razing, fail, misuse, dash, die, destruction, kick downstairs, molest, get out, blast, give, boom, break, go, fall apart, fall in, defile, bump, rail at, cave in, separate, malign, smash up, slander, relegate, precipitation, part, get around, ravish, destruct, wrack, break out, revile, upon, collapse, devastation, help, violate, extinction, vilify, snap off, infract, wrecking, split up, unwrap, harm, reproach, give away, better, transgress, put down, offend, remains, defame, break off, expose, weaken, debris, nail, destroyer, bane, vestige, divulge, victimize, dampen, persecute, dilapidation, intermit, soften, develop, ruining, break dance, pervert, destroy, ruination, reveal, erupt, disclose, overthrow, give way, let out, pause, vituperate, wrecker, vitiate, break down, discover, havoc, conk out, let on, injure, come apart, demote, deflower, breach, crush, rubble, wear out, demolish, bankrupt, damp, crack.

Usage examples: